Our Work is Our Calling - Our Vision and Values are Our Guides

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. - Jim Rohn


Our vision at the Centre for Stress Management has arisen from our co-founders 50 years experience of working in various regional and international healthcare organizations that provided care to countless clients, their families and communities. We understand that a vision without action prevents a purposeful alignment of our values, mission statement and well-being objectives for our clients, staff, the business and family communities we serve. Our vision statement is deeply embedded in our co-founders' leadership acumen that we must translate our vision into not only action, but it must also be understandable and believable to become a reality.

Our Vision Statement: To become a recognized and valued healthcare organization that enables wellness, enhances well-being, and enriches lives.

Our core values are much more than bullet points on a poster or a website. Our core values very much arise from and are daily nurtured through the culture and spirit of our organization and our people. Our core values puts people first, or in other words, our primary goal we seek from the spirit and culture we bring forth in our values is our client's self-worth, not our business net worth. It must also be noted that e see our staff and stakeholders as our clients as well, as we have a core value of "taking care of those who are caregivers."

Our core values not only guide our internal daily processes in both client services and centre operations, it also nurtures and supports our external relationships with the community at large to include businesses, schools and other like-minded organizations. Our core values are:

RESPECT: to accept and value the differences and similarities we have with others

EMPATHY: to offer unconditional positive regard to others and collaborate to empower, not to weaken, our clients with life's challenges

INTEGRITY: to carefully and thoroughly seek out and provide best practices and evidence-based well-being concepts for a safe space for people to learn and grow in

CURIOSITY: to remain curious about our clients (active listening) and the art and science of wellness and well-being (lifelong learning) to meet and exceed our quality of care standards

COMMUNITY: to integrate and collaborate with the community at large in a shared compassionate, seamless and wellness culture to allow all of us to survive and thrive

CHANGE: to embrace, not fear, the changes our personal professional lives may bring forth with a positive mindset (thankfulness in the now) and optimistic actions (confident about a better future)


Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to provide a safe, caring, and professional service that provides opportunities for our clients to acquire insight, knowledge and healthy habits to become healthy (wellness) and sustain a healthy life (well-being).


Our Green Policy Statement

We have a continuous mindset of how our actions can protect our plant's natural resources, reduce a negative impact on the environment, re-use existing resources and preserve the gifts of nature for future generations to come and experience.


Our CSR Statement

We have a commitment to discover and integrate best practices in building a culture of  corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the development and advancement of humankind, our community, the environment and the workplace.