Getting To Our Central Office - Hong Kong

We are conveniently located in Central above the Central MTR Station Exit A and Exit B in the World Wide House - Office Tower 27th Floor on 19 Des Voeux Road - Central overlooking Victoria Harbour. Our modern, very comfortable, and concierge style service is immediately noticed by our clients. We have counselling and training rooms on the 27th Floor with our own in-house pantry, modern - private restrooms, and a caring, attentive and professional front desk staff.

Connecting To Our Virtual Online Office - Global

We provide our counselling, coaching, consulting and training services online for our clients in Hong Kong and around the world. Our website, email server and online communication platform is embedded in our own dedicated high-speed server that ensures a very high level of security, reliability and superb live performance. Our highly encrypted web server allows Skype, Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google Duo, Google Chat, and Microsoft Teams as well as other video call platforms.

Our Hong Kong Office

Our Hong Kong office is conveniently located and easy to get to from any Central - Hong Kong MTR Station exit without having to walk a long distance. Clients and our guests usually find MTR Exit A and Exit B at the Central MTR Station the most convenient way to reach World Wide House - Office Tower which is located next to Dah Sing Bank on 19 Des Voeux Road in Central.

Public buses, tram, mini-bus and taxi service resources are in abundance for our clients to seek after their appointments as well. Our offices in the World Wide House - Office Tower is on the 27th floor and we are very close to all major banking, shopping, medical, transportation, Airport Express and other key business locations in Central for easy access before or after your appointment.

Our happiness and well-being is not the absence of problems and challenges in our personal and work lives, its rebuilding perseverance in daily good behaviors (the way we act), fostering insight to sustain a growth mindset (the way we think), and growing resilience in knowing and using our emotions to survive and thrive (the way we emote).


Contact Us

Telephone: (852) 5187 3652

Skype: Centre for Stress Management

Zoom: 755 057 4318


We apologize that due to a high demand for our services, your phone call may go into voicemail. Sending an email to can expedite our reply to your inquiry.


What To Bring Along

Besides your ID card and payment for services, a summary of your past healthcare issues, your current challenge you care to explore, and a desire to learn, grow and enhance your well-being.