Getting To Our Central Offices

We are conveniently located in Central above the Central MTR Station in the Central Building (1 - 3 Pedder Street) on the 10th Floor next to The Landmark. Our modern, high tech, very comfortable, highly professional designed and concierge style service is immediately noticed by our clients. We have counselling and training rooms on the 9th and 10th floors of the Central Building with our own in-house cafe, modern - private restrooms, and a caring, attentive and professional front desk staff. Any and all information submitted is private and confidential, and once a counselling case is closed all files and information are destroyed after six (6) months from closure date.

Our Hong Kong Office

Our offices are conveniently located and easy to get to from any Central - Hong Kong Station MTR without having to walk a long distance. Clients and our guests usually find MTR exit G and/or MTR exit D1 on Pedder Street at the Central MTR the most convenient way to reach Central Building which is located next to Landmark Building. Public buses, tram, mini-bus and taxi service resources are in abundance for our clients to seek after their appointments as well. Our offices in the Central Building on the 10th floor and we are very close to all major banking, shopping, medical, transportation, Airport Express and other key business locations in Central for easy access before or after a counselling appointment.

Our happiness and well-being is not the absence of life's problems and challenges, its discovering positive and optimistic ways to deal with them.


Contact Us

Telephone: (852) 3958 2885

Fax: (852) 3975 2800  


We apologize that due to a high demand for our services, your phone call may go into voicemail. Sending an email to can expedite our reply to your inquiry.


What To Bring Along

Besides your ID card and payment for services, as best as you can a summary of your past healthcare issues, your current issue you care to explore, and a desire to learn, grow and enhance your well-being.